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Technical Management and Design for Unique Events


We would have done it like this. . . .

Based in NYC with operating teams in Los Angeles, South Florida, Portland Or and beyond Jamison Kittel is doing things a little left of center. With extensive history functioning within the operational limits of various production companies and venues Kevin Jamison and Caleb Kittel have honed a unique skill set that is second to none. 

Our goal is to service our clients with exactly what is needed for a once in a lifetime function rather than what we are forced to provide because its what we own. We partner with various companies, designers and technicians to custom design event solutions that are sourced from multiple vendors. We own no equipment nor do we have a physical office. This enables us to provide you with a detailed service that is unencumbered by the financial and mental distractions of running a "business"  

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If opportunity doesnt knock, build a door
— Milton Berle



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